M/s. Gulf Analytical Supplies FZE have an established presence of nearly a decade in the middle east market and have a dominant presence in the field of separation science comprising mainly of chromatography with more than thousand columns supplied in the Middle East.  With the help of application support and technical support from our principals, we are the pioneers in the field of column chromatography.

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Blue Orchid
Application areas
Ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) columns with sub-2 Ám particles can be used to full extent with HPLC systems which feature low system dead volume, fast data aquisition, sensitive detection, and the capability to operate at pressures up to 1 000 bar. Compared with other sub-2 Ám columns, BlueOrchid UHPLC columns induce relatively low back pressure, and thus show excellent results also in HPLC systems designed for fast LC separations. By decreasing the particle size of the packing material, the analyst can maximize the number of theoretical plates, making shorter column lengths possible. At the same time, the optimum range of mobile phase linear velocities is greatly expanded. As a result, higher flow rates can be used without loss of separation performance. Both factors result in faster analysis times and increased sample throughput. Cost per sample is also significantly reduced due to less mobile phase consumption and waste.
BlueOrchid UHPLC columns have a wide range of applications.
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