M/s. Gulf Analytical Supplies FZE have an established presence of nearly a decade in the middle east market and have a dominant presence in the field of separation science comprising mainly of chromatography with more than thousand columns supplied in the Middle East.  With the help of application support and technical support from our principals, we are the pioneers in the field of column chromatography.

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Ultra high performance without the need for ultra high pressure
What’s holding you back from taking advantage of modern UHPLC column performance today?

To obtain ultra high performance results comparable with sub-2 Ám columns, without the disadvantage of high backpressure, our new BlueShell columns are your first choice. BlueShell columns are packed with special core-shell particles, developed to provide improved speed, higher resolution, and reduced eluent consumption, all while keeping moderate HPLC backpressures.

• applicable for any type of LC
• highest separating power (~ 200.000 theoretical plates/meter)
• multiple columns can be combined for even higher resolution
• efficiency is comparable with fully porous sub-2 Ám particles
• significantly lower backpressures than sub-2 Ám particles
• high speed and ruggedness
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