M/s. Gulf Analytical Supplies FZE have an established presence of nearly a decade in the middle east market and have a dominant presence in the field of separation science comprising mainly of chromatography with more than thousand columns supplied in the Middle East.  With the help of application support and technical support from our principals, we are the pioneers in the field of column chromatography.

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Products / SGE Analytical Science / Eurokat

Eurokat - valuable for food analysis
Eurokat high performance polymer phases were especially developed for the separation of organic acids, carbohydrates, alcohols and even complex mixtures of these compounds.

Eurokat is a sulfonated cross-linked styrenedivinylbenzene copolymer available in several ionic forms (H, Ca, Pb and Ag). This particular cation exchanger is characterized by an outstanding density of functional groups, making it the ideal choice for your ion exclusion, size exclusion and ligand exchange chromatography.

Eurokat columns require no organic solvents and thus are environmentally friendly.
Application areas
Four different ionic species are available. Eurokat H is especially designed for the analysis of organic acids and even complex mixtures of acids, sugars and alcohols as well as sugar alcohols. Eurokat Ca and Eurokat Pb are the phases of choice for analysis of smaller carbohydrates (DP < 4), Eurokat Ag is applicable for the separation of sugar oligomers. Eurokat can also be used for the determination of biochemically important molecules such as sugars, artificial sweeteners or acidic metabolic and degradation products. Other application areas include analysis of:
• carbohydrates and acids in fruit beverages and soft drinks
• sugar substitutes
• food preservatives
• dairy products
• intermediate acids of the Krebs cycle
• urine (uric acid, hippuric acid)
• monitoring of fermentation processes
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