M/s. Gulf Analytical Supplies FZE have an established presence of nearly a decade in the middle east market and have a dominant presence in the field of separation science comprising mainly of chromatography with more than thousand columns supplied in the Middle East.  With the help of application support and technical support from our principals, we are the pioneers in the field of column chromatography.

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GC Capillary columns
product SGE has a long history developing and producing GC capillary columns, with SGE’s founder Ernest Dawes first being involved making glass capillary columns in 1959. That expertise has been built upon with the development of leading capabilities in glass technology, polymer synthesis, surface chemistry and production processes all combined with an intimate knowledge of chromatography.
SGE develops and synthesizes specialty polymers leading to SGE being the first, and often only, capillary chromatography company to offer many types of GC stationary phases. SGE was the first to introduce the now industry standard silarylene phases in 1987 with their improved thermal stability, as well as SolGel in 1999 and the carborane phases in 1987. A detailed explanation of how these polymers work can be found on pages 76-80.
SGE has long been a manufacturer of GC capillary columns with the complete technology capability to produce the finest capillary columns from beginning to end, including the special requirements of producing the fused silica capillary tubing. This end to end manufacturing capability allows SGE to control the fabrication process precisely to produce the finest quality capillary columns available.
The individual technologies SGE employs in GC capillary column manufacture are:
• Drawing of the precision fused silica capillary tubing.
• Developing and synthesizing the specialty polymer stationary phases.
• Performing the specialty chemical treatment of the fused silica surface so that it is inert and compatible for the   cross-linked stationary phase.
• Coating and cross-linking the polymer stationary phase.
• Quality testing of every completed capillary column to rigorous standards.
Fused Silica

The process of producing fused silica at SGE is carried out on a series of sophisticated drawing towers with fine control of conditions and feedback loops to automatically make adjustments to the conditions. This ensures superb dimensional control and strength which is verified through stress proof testing of all material. By producing the fused silica ourselves, SGE has complete control of this important aspect of producing the highest quality GC capillary columns.

The fused silica used by SGE is very high purity devoid of impurities such as metal oxides found in conventional glasses. Depending on the application, SGE offers two types of FST coating - polyimide (max temp 400 C) and aluminum (max. temperature 480 C). SGE’s capillary columns operate comfortably to 400 C (dependent on the phase selected).

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