M/s. Gulf Analytical Supplies FZE have an established presence of nearly a decade in the middle east market and have a dominant presence in the field of separation science comprising mainly of chromatography with more than thousand columns supplied in the Middle East.  With the help of application support and technical support from our principals, we are the pioneers in the field of column chromatography.

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Syringes and Accessories
PTFE Tipped Plungers
• Avoid unnecessary movement of plungers when syringes are dry.
• Replacement PTFE tipped plungers are available.
Needle Care
Unblocking needles:
1. To unblock the needle, remove the plunger and fill the syringe with solvent using another syringe.
2. Insert plunger and gently push solvent through the needle. Never force the plunger as too much pressure may crack the syringe barrel.
Needle Cleaning Kit
Needle Cleaning Kit (Part No. 031782): The kit contains a range of stylet wires for needle cleaning, tweezers and a surfactant material for barrel cleaning.
Syringe Use
• Always inspect the syringe before use. Check the barrel for cracks and the needle tip for burrs.
• To eliminate carryover between samples, flush the syringe with solvent 5-20 times, remembering to    discard at least the first 2-3 washes.
• To eliminate air bubbles from the barrel, repeatedly draw and expel sample while keeping the needle    tip immersed in the solution. Bubbles can also be removed by turning the barrel upright while expelling    some of the sample. If bubbles persist, slow the aspiration speed.
• To make an injection, overfill the syringe then press the plunger until the correct volume is reached.   Draw the plunger back slightly then wipe the needle tip with a lint free tissue. Make injection. For   improved precision, syringes can be fitted with a repeating adaptor, which allows the volume to be    preset on the syringe.
• Before storage always rinse the syringe with clean solvent and air dry.

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